Welcome to the Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, the National Black Law Student Association at the University of Texas School of Law!



“More than 60 years after Sweatt was the first African-American to apply to [the University of Texas School of Law], his story continues to be emotionally and politically relevant, and his case…led directly to the end of segregation.”–Gary M. Mavergne, author of Before Brown: Heman Marion Sweatt, Thurgood Marshall and the Long Road to Justice.


Christened in honor of the late Supreme Court Justice of the same name, who argued for the admittance of UT Law’s first African-American student Heman Sweatt, The Thurgood Marshall Legal Society (TMLS) serves as the local chapter of the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) and is a member of the Southwest Region of NBLSA (SWBLSA). ¬†We put forth holistic programming over the course of the year aimed at supporting, empowering and educating our members and the greater UT Austin community.


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