1L Coordinators

1L Coordinator:  Kiah DeBolt


As an organization, TMLS has prioritized mentoring and has provided a support network to 1Ls. Upperclassmen and alumni serve an important role in 1Ls’ lives as they embark on their path in law school. Upperclassmen offer their perspective and advice to 1Ls in hopes of helping them navigate law school. Alumni also provide significant insight to students regarding career paths and lessons they have learned while in the legal field. These mentor-mentee relationships often turn into lifelong friendships that last far after graduation from law school.


Our 1L Coordinators help incoming UT Law students who are members of TMLS successfully transition into life as a law student through social and academic programing aimed at helping them excel.


In coordination with our 1L Coordinators, we also have an Academic Coordinator who oversees academic support, preparation and resources for our membership.

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