2016 TMLS Symposium


2016 TMLS Symposium: The New Political Landscape: The Role Diversity Will Play In The 2016 Elections


Wanda Adams

  • Trustee for the Houston Independent School District; Former Houston City Councilwoman

AJ Bingham

  • Director of Government Affairs at the Real Estate Council of Austin

Kathryn Freeman

  • Director of Public Policy for the Texas Baptists Christian Life Commission

Teddy McDaniel

  • President of the Austin Area Urban League

Caitlin Carroll

  • Ph. D. student in Sociology at the University of Texas, MA in Political Science.

Denise Gilman

  • Director of the Immigration Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law

Megan Neely

  • Ph. D. Candidate in the University of Texas Department of Sociology

Satinder Singh

  • Attorney for the ACLU of Texas


Panel 1: Issues Surrounding African Americans

  • Minority Youth Education and Literacy
  • Gentrification in Austin
  • Criminal Justice Reform, Police Brutality, Incarceration
  • Socioeconomic Disparities in the Underserved Minority Community


Panel 2: Issues Surrounding Minorities As A Whole

  • Women and Gender Issues
  • Immigration Policy Rhetoric
  • Voter Suppression


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