Community Service Committee

Community Service Chair: Paige Duggins


Community service is a significant part of TMLS. Members remain dedicated to helping others in the community. This fall TMLS will focus on a voter registration project.  With seminal elections that will shape the future of our country on the horizon and recent legal battles that test the Voting Rights Act, this project will serve as a catalyst for TMLS to learn, serve, and make an impact.


Upcoming Events Include:


Expunction Clinic:

: Friday, September 16
Location: TNH 2.123
Time: 1-3PM

Date: Tuesday, September 20
Location: Travis County Law Library (314 W. 11th Street)
Time: 5:30-9PM
Members will receive 5.5 pro bono hours total (including training). Students will help others determine eligibility and prepare paperwork to file petitions to expunge criminal records or obtain orders of nondisclosure of criminal records. Expunging records allows people to legally deny offenses and erase records from criminal histories, mitigating future harm stemming from arrests that do not result in a criminal conviction.



Voter Registration Drive:


Date: Monday, September 19

Location: TBD

Time: 6pm


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